What if it rains?

When re-roofing during those winter months our team ensure that we remove only can be resealed on the same day and of course make sure the weather is suitable for the safe removal and replacement.

Also our professional tarps are at the ready for any unexpected showers and will provide excellent coverage.

Most projects are usually finished in about 7 days, working one section at a time.
Sometimes if the roof pitch is steeper and the geometry is more complex this can add some extra days to the completion schedule.

How much does a new roof cost?

Roofing costing can vary as some roofing is flat and requires no cuts while other roofs may have a steeper pitch with a greater complexity to the architecture. Also roof area/size will effect costing.

At South West Metal Roofing we do not compromise in any way in providing you with a precision new roof with a geometrical streamline finish, at the same time remaining competitive.

Do we need to vacate during the work?

Vacating is not necessary except where removal of an asbestos roof is required when converting to a Colorbond roof. At South West Metal Roofing we adhere strictly to Work Safe regulations for safe operation during the entire project.

The removal of tires will require a restricted area for safe disposal. Overall we will work in a way to minimise any disturbance to your privacy or comfort.

Is your work guaranteed?

When you choose Southwest Metal Roofing for your re-roof or new roof you can rest assured in the fact that our team are experts and highly skilled in roof plumbing and cladding.

All our workmanship is guaranteed for 15 years for any issue related to the fabrication.

Bluescope supply a 25 year Materials Warranty.

We also carry Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance against any damage or injury that may occur during the construction procedure.

What if I have an asbestos roof?

At Southwest Metal Roofing we are accredited, licenced Asbestos Removalists – Licence No WARA 1559. The removal procedure is carried out in a professional manner adhering strictly to the Work Safe Asbestos Laws.

All asbestos is double wrapped and shipped to the Asbestos Waste Facility